Sunday, April 26, 2009

iPhone's "Multitasking" Camera on MacWorld

I was browsing and some story popped into my eyes: The multitasking camera. I said WOW.. iPhone? Multitasking? Camera? Hm.. still odd.. so I read the crap.
It's just a list of how you can use your iPhone's camera. 'tha fuck!? You can do that stupid point'n click with every camera phone. What is it with you people, you just did some rocket science calculus and realized that you can use a camera for:

  • taking pictures of something and then show that instead of describing it,
  • taking pictures of some pinwall instead of writing down those notes,
  • taking pictures of a business card if you don't have the time to write the details from it,
  • taking pictures of your kids so that you can recognize them in a crowd!!!!!??????

WTF?! What follows? Taking picture of your stupid face to recognize it when you look into a mirror?!

"Reminders: Before you walk away from your car in a big generic parking lot or in an unfamiliar neighborhood, snap a photo of your location so you can easily find your way back. If you’re in a rental car, grab a shot of your make and model so you won’t have to wander around aimlessly, pressing your key fob. A couple of Macworld editors even use their iPhone camera to grab a quick shot of what their kids are wearing before heading out into a crowded place."

What's this supposed to be? "How to be a total moron 101"!?

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