Monday, May 25, 2009

iPhone Art

The iPhone has become a tool for everything.. PERIOD!
The latest thing that proves this is that the cover of the next issue of The New Yorker magazine was drawn entirely on the iPhone, with the Brushes app.
The cover was done by portuguese artist Jorge Colombo. He tells The New York Times that thanks to the iPhone he can work "without having to carry all my pens and brushes and notepads with me." here's a video about how he does it.

..and here's a demo about Brushes:

via engadget

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Geek Chart

This is my Geek Chart

The nice part is that it gets automatically updated based on your activity on your social networks in from last 30 days.

get yours from here.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Depeche Mode Concert in Bucharest Canceled

Saturday, 16.05 there won't be any concert in Bucharest. Here's the official announcement:


Depeche Mode have been forced to cancel a further four shows on their Sounds of the Universe tour due to further complications from singer Dave Gahan's severe bout of gastroenteritis. Dave is currently undergoing further tests.

Depeche Mode apologise to all their fans for this inconvenience and wish Dave a speedy recovery. Further information will be released in due course.

The following shows have been cancelled:

May 16th Bucharest, Romania, Izvor Park
May 18th Sofia, Bulgaria, Vasil Levski Stadium
May 20th Belgrade, Serbia, USCE Park
May 21st Zagreb, Croatia, Arena

Ticket holders for the above shows are advised to hold on to their tickets as an announcement will be made shortly in regard to rescheduled dates or final cancellation.

from here.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

5 Nice Firefox Add-ons

I just pimped my Firefox with some sweet add-ons.. actually some of them should be implemented in the next FF update, coz the damn IE already has them.

1. Close'n forget - closes current tab and deletes all tracks of it (cookies, history)
2. Hyperwords - this is one good thing featured in IE8 too. After selecting some words/sentence you get some options for that: translate, locate in map, blog, search etc.
3. Next Tab - opens a new tab right next to your current one and not at the end of the tabs, like default.
4. Tab Scope - when hovering mouse pointer on a tab you get a small popup with a preview of it and some options
5. Undo Closed Tabs Button - and this happens quite often for me

Coraline.. Finally!

After Gran Torino and X-Men Origins: Wolverine I also saw Coraline.. after all this is the movie that I wanted to watch in the first place. I got to know about it since a while as beeing the first movie actually shot in 3D and beeing screened using RealD technology. Well.. this technology is really nice and the special glasses you get for watching the movie are also nice, big enough and comfortable enough.

Overall, the movie was nice, although a few days back I got the Coraline audiobook (narrated by Neil Gaiman himself) wich is far better. There were some moments when I noticed some really childish dialogues.. but maybe also because of the thing that the movie was fully translated into romanian (wich btw sucked big time).

I also think that the book really got released in collections dedicated to kids, but despite this, I didn't see a single one in the theatre.

...and NO, 3D effects don't make you dizzy (as some say) unless you have some eye problem.
Go and watch it.. but don't forget about the book or audiobook also!

Friday, May 1, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Finally, I got to watch it :-) A must see movie for all you super-hero-movie-loving fans out there!
One of the best thrillers I've seen this year and it definetely worth waiting for it.

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Playing for Change: Peace Through Music

Mark Johnson started this multimedia initiative from the idea that music has no boundaries when it comes to distance, race, culture.
Playing for Change started in 2005 in Santa Monica, California with the song "Stand by Me". After this, things got more serious and with their mobile studio, Mark and his team began travelling all over the world through cities like Barcelona, Cape Town, Kathmandu, Chennai, Tel Aviv, Dublin etc.

You can order your Playing for Change album from here.

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