Sunday, May 3, 2009

Coraline.. Finally!

After Gran Torino and X-Men Origins: Wolverine I also saw Coraline.. after all this is the movie that I wanted to watch in the first place. I got to know about it since a while as beeing the first movie actually shot in 3D and beeing screened using RealD technology. Well.. this technology is really nice and the special glasses you get for watching the movie are also nice, big enough and comfortable enough.

Overall, the movie was nice, although a few days back I got the Coraline audiobook (narrated by Neil Gaiman himself) wich is far better. There were some moments when I noticed some really childish dialogues.. but maybe also because of the thing that the movie was fully translated into romanian (wich btw sucked big time).

I also think that the book really got released in collections dedicated to kids, but despite this, I didn't see a single one in the theatre.

...and NO, 3D effects don't make you dizzy (as some say) unless you have some eye problem.
Go and watch it.. but don't forget about the book or audiobook also!

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Adriana said...

Andrei, iti plac vrajitoarele? Vrei sa devii una?
verfica spelling-ul :p