Friday, June 19, 2009

The Mentalists play ‘Kids’ by MGMT on their iPhones

Here's the original song from MGMT:

...and here's The Mentalists' performance:

Applications used: Ocarina, DigiDrummer, RetroSynth, MiniSynth

via Cygnett Blog

Thursday, June 18, 2009

WorldMate for iPhone

Finally... WorldMate is back for me and it's here to stay! Since I switched to iPhone, one of the regrets was the unavailability of WorldMate, wich I was using on the Sony Ericsson P1i.
There are many travel apps available for the iPhone, but still none can reach the high standards and accuracy of WorldMate.
The only downside of the app is it's price - €31,99, but looking on the bright side... this brings you a one year gold membership at the WorldMate service.
Here's what's exciting about it:
  • Itinerary manager - flights, hotels, car rentals, business meetings
  • Automated Flight Updates (I'm sure push notifications will do the job)
  • Flight status lookups
  • Flight schedules search
  • Maps & directions
  • Weather forecasts
  • World clocks
  • Currency converter
  • Travel dashboard
  • Online travel planner
  • Priority customer support
  • Ad free

available for download on the App Store

UPDATE 28.06.2009
It seems that the guys at MobiMate got the point about the ridiculous price, so they did some adjustments:
  • WorldMate Gold is now €15,99 (yes, that's a full one year GOLD membership)
  • WorldMate is available for download for free (no automated flight updates, no flight status lookups within the app, no priority support and it has ads)
UPDATE 28.07.2009
Push notifications are here!!

iPhone Message Preview in OS 3.0

Probably one of the most exciting features for me in iPhone's new OS 3.0 is the ability to toggle message preview on/off.
That crap was so annoying and it was one of the things that kept me from getting an iPhone from the beginning. Though it's just a tiny detail comparing to cut/copy/paste, push notifications etc, Apple enabled this feature 2 years after the initial iPhone release...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Got My Mac On With iPhone 3G S

...and obviously Apple's WWDC started a lot of fuss. Here's what Julian Smith did...

via Mashable

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CNN #fail

While looking up some news about Air France's missing flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris I stumbled upon a video report on CNN's website.

Fail, big time fail! Rio de Janeiro is not there on the minimap, not even Fernando de Noronha is there. Fail, fail, fail!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Sims 3 for iPhone Review

I'm not a fan of the Sims series, but I was eagerly waiting for this iPhone version to get on the App Store. I downloaded the thingie first thing in the morning the day it got out, june 2nd.
Once you get familiar with the appearance and with the controls, wich is pretty easy, the game gets really addictive.
Before starting the game, you get to customize the looks of your Sim. Haircuts, skin colours, clothes, shoes are not so many to chose from, but still... you get some decent options.
Then you get to choose the soft skills for your Sim... shy, potato couch, gets bored quickly, good sense of humor etc.
The graphics look pretty good, the surrounding neighbourhood looks friendly and the other Sims look nice.

The Sims' personalities will help them think about weird and wonderful desires, which you can choose to act on or ignore (like slapping the bitch next door just coz your wife wants so, annoying some random Sim, using the toilets of neighbours, watching some Sims while sleeping - wich is btw a little sick :-) ).
You can lock in a few of these desires and turn them into objectives to complete as you guide your Sim through everyday life.

Some minus of the game is that you can cheat on your girlfriend/fiancee/wife right in her presence. There's absolutely no reaction from her while my Sim was making out with some other chick. Not to mention that the spouse doesn't react at all if my Sim doesn't spend the night at home. It would have been interesting if there were such conflicts that you could or couldn't
solve. So, my dirty little Sim got out clean :-)

If you get in the neighbours' house and let's say... there's a couple living there... and you approach the chick, you can flirt with her, hug her, kiss her and even get her laid. There is a chance that her guy ignores you, even if he is still in the same room or even if he is sleeping and you get dirty with her in their very own bedroom... wich makes you one sinister freak for doing that :-) hehe!

The most annoying thing about The Sims 3 is the loading time (just a couple of seconds) that occurs while switching from normal view (3rd person) to a zoomed out perspective, the city view (where you can chose your destination).

Overall, The Sims 3 for iPhone is one hell of a game with some ignorable minuses that's definetely worth buying, despite it's high price.

here's the App Store link