Thursday, June 18, 2009

WorldMate for iPhone

Finally... WorldMate is back for me and it's here to stay! Since I switched to iPhone, one of the regrets was the unavailability of WorldMate, wich I was using on the Sony Ericsson P1i.
There are many travel apps available for the iPhone, but still none can reach the high standards and accuracy of WorldMate.
The only downside of the app is it's price - €31,99, but looking on the bright side... this brings you a one year gold membership at the WorldMate service.
Here's what's exciting about it:
  • Itinerary manager - flights, hotels, car rentals, business meetings
  • Automated Flight Updates (I'm sure push notifications will do the job)
  • Flight status lookups
  • Flight schedules search
  • Maps & directions
  • Weather forecasts
  • World clocks
  • Currency converter
  • Travel dashboard
  • Online travel planner
  • Priority customer support
  • Ad free

available for download on the App Store

UPDATE 28.06.2009
It seems that the guys at MobiMate got the point about the ridiculous price, so they did some adjustments:
  • WorldMate Gold is now €15,99 (yes, that's a full one year GOLD membership)
  • WorldMate is available for download for free (no automated flight updates, no flight status lookups within the app, no priority support and it has ads)
UPDATE 28.07.2009
Push notifications are here!!

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