Thursday, July 30, 2009

How To Make Cheap SEO on the App Store

Talking about idiots.. I didn't expect this crisis to be so severe. Everyone's trying to sell their crap and sniff some extra cash out of it...
Like these Kaufcom GmbH guys and their Hot Girls application for iPhone.

Looking throught what they offer.. I saw many such kind of 'hot' application. First of all, I can't imagine how this garbage gets approved by Apple, but this is another story. Second... I'm really curious about how many idiots bought this... with those €0.79 you'd better buy yourself a popsicle, all you wankers out there!

Anyway if you will search the App Store for The Sims, Alarm Clock, Flight Simulation, Brushes, Torch, Asphalt Racing, GPS, City, Weather, Camera, Mafia Wars, Navigator, Flickr, Facebook, Playboy etc. you will most probably end up stumbling upon one of these crap applications.

And congratulations, Apple, for approving all this smelly stuff.

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